73rd Annual Southwest Georgia Regional Fair

Oct  29th - Nov  3nd  2019


(Exchange Club Fairgrounds)

School & Community Displays



The School and Community Booths are located in the rear east end of
the B-2 Commercial Building. (This is the large building everyone is
routed through after the ticket booths.) These booths are set aside for 4-
H, FFA, and other school related clubs in our service area. The
community and community clubs booths are open to non-profit groups
that provide information and service to their community. There are (15)
fifteen booths available along the walls in the School and Community
Exhibit area.
Each booth has a 4’X 8’ center back wall with two attached 2’X 8’ walls
at 45 degree angles outward on each side of the 4’X 8’ back wall. There
is approximately 7’5” across the front when open. The exhibit cannot
protrude out beyond the outside of the 45’ angle 2’X8’ walls.
These exhibits must be suitable for family viewing. There cannot be any
live animal or persons in the booth. No selling or soliciting is allowed in
these booths.
The Inside Agriculture-School and Community Committee reserves the
right to reject from judging, any exhibit deemed to be reused from last
year and especially those identical to last year’s entry.
Prizes range from $50 to $500 according to the judges review.
If your school, club, or community organization is interested please
download the attached application on the second page. Applications are
accepted on a first come basis. Participants last year are first in line for a


Tom Marshall                                                                           Grady Sceals

(229) 435-1910 Home                                                             (229) 435-5976 Home

                                                                                                (229) 395-2958 Cell   





Click the Links Below To Download Forms



School and Community Booth Entry Form (2018)



4-H Mini-Booth Rules (2018)

4-H Mini-Booth Entry Form (2018)

4-H Scarecrow Exhibit Rules (2018)

4-H Scarecrow Exhibit Entry Form (2018)

4-H Photo Contest Rules (2018)

4-H Photo Contest Entry Form (2018)

4-H Pumpkin Decorating Rules (2018)

4-H Pumpkin Decorating Entry Form (2018)



FFA Tree ID Contest and Tree ID list (2018)

FFA Scarecrow Exhibit Rules (2018)

FFA Scarecrow Exhibit Entry Form (2018)

FFA Mini-Booth Rules (2018)

FFA Mini-Booth Entry Form (2018)

FFA Photo Contest Rules (2018)

FFA Photo Contest Entry Form (2018)

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