73rd Annual Southwest Georgia Regional Fair

Oct  29th - Nov  3nd  2019


(Exchange Club Fairgrounds)

The James E Strates Shows (Carnival Midway)



The son of a Greek immigrant, E. James Strates unexpectedly took over his father’s carnival in 1959. Interviewed in 2008 by Lane Talburt at Danbury, CT, Jim Strates shares stories of his experiences on America’s last carnival on rails.

In this action video shot by Lane Talburt on location in 2008, E. James Strates, sons Jimmy and John Strates, and carnival supervisors on America’s last carnival on rails describe daily operations, teardown and load out. If some scenes during teardown seem long, consider that this is only a brief glimpse of the tedious, detail-demanding tasks required of all carnival personnel.

Strates Swing at night The Zipper Game at Strates Shows Fair Time Strates Swing Fair Time





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